#24in48 Readathon Updates

#24in48 Readathon Updates

Update #1: 08:45 (3h45 into the Readathon, 2h52 read)

So I’m at work now (start in 15m) and I actually did wake up at 5am to start reading! Mad, I know. Still, I’m through three books today and also started listening to an audiobook, so I’m off to a much better start than I thought I would be.Read More »


#24in48 Readathon TBR

#24in48 Readathon TBR

Hi, guys! So, after posting my TBR list earlier in the month, I didn’t really get into it straight away. I got through some of the graphic novels, but not the others; at least, not until a couple of days ago.

I took a train to and from Manchester, got through two books, then read two more the next day. I’m back into it! With all this in mind—-and itching to read more—I’ve decided to officially jump into the 24 in 48 Readathon.

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July TBR

July TBR

Hi everyone! So I didn’t write a TBR post for May or for June…and I didn’t read a lot, either (though I did get a couple of books done)–coincidence? Maybe not. I’m now through 70 of the 180 books I wanted to read this year, so I do need to pick it up a little to hit that goal, but I don’t think that will be a problem! 🙂

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1,000,000 Word Translation Challenge

1,000,000 Word Translation Challenge

So there’s something about the summer that always makes me a little more keen to get productive. It might be the longer days, it might be the sunshine (we’re having a heatwave here and I low-key love it), or it might be that I’m still not out of ‘education’ mode and I feel like this is a sprint of free time until September comes and it’s time to come back to reality again.

Whatever it is, it’s had me thinking about my long-term goals. I’m still out there looking for jobs, still working the one I have, but I know that eventually I want to be writing and translating and making money from both those things.

Problem is, I need more practice. I practise writing all the time (fun fact: I counted up all the words I’d tracked in spreadsheets I have on my computer going back to 2010 and I’m at around 917k!) and in so many different formats. Plus, there’s the added difficulty of speciality, which is not something I think we think about in terms of writing, but is definitely something I have to consider when it comes to translation.

After thinking about all this, I came up with a plan. 1,000,000 words is the benchmark a lot of writers talk about–and, as I’ve pointed out above, is something I’m close to with my own writing. So why not with translation? 1,000,000 words is a lot of words and there’s no way I can translate that many without improving in some manner.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m setting myself a challenge. That challenge is to translate 1,000,000 words over the next two years.

That’s 1,000,000 words from 1st July 2018-1st July 2019.

That’s 1,368 words a day for the next two years (or 1,977 if I do working days only).

Is this achievable? Sure, I think so. And for some added fun, when I can, I’m going to post my translations on this blog as portfolio pieces/extracts. I’m going to update throughout, too, so you can all see my progress. 🙂

If anyone is interested in taking this challenge on with me, comment below! I’ll be back on Sunday to do another TBR post as well.

April TBR

April TBR

Hey, guys! So I’ve managed to drag myself out of my food coma (seriously, eating no chocolate for the whole of Lent has been a struggle and I have more than made up for it today) for long enough to put together my TBR for this month. Last month turned out to be a good one–although I didn’t get everything on my list read, I got through a total of 30 books, thanks (again) to the Manga Madness ReadathonRead More »

After Z-Day – Part I – Chapter XIII

Chapter Thirteen

Location: Unknown
Date: 13 October 2016

Lucy woke slowly. She was aware, faintly, of some distant pain, some bright light, the sterile smell, but the sensations slipped through her mind like smoke.

Her eyes stuttered closed. Prised themselves open. Lucy groaned quietly, through parched lips.

Where was she? Wasn’t home, she was sure of that. Home didn’t feel like this, didn’t smell like this. She forced her eyes open again, blinking at the bright light. It was humming faintly, she noticed, and she stared at it until her eyes hurt, until her mind was a little less fuzzy.Read More »

After Z-Day – Part I – Chapter XII

Chapter Twelve

Location: Hackney, London
Date: 12 October 2016

Naomi was making lunch when I got in. She gave me a sympathetic look as I dragged myself over to the sofa and dropped onto it, burying my face in the cushions.

“You want some?” she asked. “You should eat.”

“What is it?” I muttered into the fabric. She heard me anyway.

“Quinoa and veggies.”

Vegan, of course, because I wasn’t enough of a hypocrite as it was. My stomach clenched and I realised I hadn’t eaten…for a while. Maybe not since yesterday?Read More »